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Residential Treatment

Live for Life Cypress

At Live for Life Cypress, we strive to provide superior residential treatment for adolescents. We approach this mission by recognizing and honoring the unique needs of each individual and offering personalized services. By focusing on our client’s mental health needs, we ultimately aim to produce emotional stability and behavioral changes that decrease their criminogenic risk.

Live for Life Cypress uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as the foundation for our program. This model is appropriate for our population as it has been well-researched, is evidence-based, and has been shown to reduce criminogenic risk through the teaching of skills. Additionally, its various components match well with the What Works Principles, ensuring that its delivery is effective at promoting change. 

Live for Life Cypress provides a variety of services to give clients many mediums through which they can learn. Specifically, we provide mental health assessments, individual, family, and group therapy, as well as psychiatric assessments and medication management, which are performed by our highly trained clinicians and APRNs. Additionally, its various components match well with the What Works Principles, ensuring that its delivery is effective at promoting change. We utilize a variety of interventions to ensure that treatment is individualized while also being in line with evidence-based practices.

Program Facts

Skills-Based Groups

Live for Life Cypress utilizes Overcoming Obstacles as our skills-based curriculum. The curriculum covers essential skills such as Communicating Effectively, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Problem-Solving, Skills for School and Beyond, Game Plan for Work, Getting the Job, On the Job, Preparing for College and Careers, and more.


Education services are arranged through the local school district and case managers.

The case manager, the local school district, and the parent/guardian will work on education solutions in the client’s best interest. Live for Life Cypress coordinates with the client’s case manager to ensure their educational needs are met.


Live for Life Cypress promotes community service and volunteering. All clients are required to do community service, regardless of whether they owe hours.

Clinical Support

By design, Live for Life Cypress is a non-clinical program that introduces youth to mental health providers to meet clinical needs and continue providing services when youth transition to the community.

Family Involvement:

Whenever possible, Live for Life Cypress encourages parents and family engagement as this plays a critical role in the successful completion of the program and their transition back into the community.

A Day in the Life

“The Cypress Program is dedicated to achieving a higher purpose that helps to inspire change and the good in others.”
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