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The Live for Life Transition Team strives to improve outcomes for adolescents as they transition to the community or home.  We do this by ensuring that they are prepared, connected, and have a sense of optimism about the future and by working closely with family members and caring adults.  

Community-Mentoring: Transition coaches provide strength-based support in daily living and social situations, access community resources, and address communication needs to maximize youths’ successful living in the community.  

Community-Aftercare: Transition coaches provide support to youth when they are discharged from a qualified residential treatment program and transition to a biological family home, foster home, or independent living environment. These services are provided for six months and are designed to maximize a successful transition and prevent a return to a residential placement or re-entry into the care of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Program Facts

Skills-Based Groups

Live for Life Community Transition utilizes Overcoming Obstacles as our skills-based curriculum. The curriculum covers essential skills such as Communicating Effectively, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Problem-Solving, Skills for School and Beyond, Game Plan for Work, Getting the Job, On the Job, Preparing for College and Careers, and more.


Education services are arranged through the local school district and case managers.

The case manager, the local school district, and the parent/guardian will work on education solutions in the client’s best interest. Live for Life Community Transition coordinates with the client’s case manager to ensure their educational needs are met.


Clients are required to obtain employment in order to save funds which will assist with their transition into the community.


Live for Life Community Transition promotes community service and volunteering. All clients are required to do community service, regardless of whether they owe hours.

Family Involvement:

Whenever possible, Live for Life Community Transition encourages parents and family engagement as this plays a critical role in the successful transition into the community.
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